Maitee's Life Story

I am Cuban, I have 4 children, I emigrated at a very young age chasing my first dream called: LIBERTAD (freedom).

I love psychology!! I graduated as an Esthetician and then through a goldsmith friend I learned to design and make all kinds of artisan garments, and in 2017 I opened Valdes Creations !!

I consider myself a woman of faith, optimistic, and very persevering. The strength with which I do everything in my life is based on another great dream, a bright future, and a next level.

I always have the certainty that every dream that is born in my heart I will see it manifested... I have three steps: I write it, I visualize myself in it, and then I feel it!

I've had very difficult times, but at the end of the day, I always asked myself: Hey Maitee, what is the most beautiful thing you have experienced today? And the answer is the key to shake me up, get up and many times start over!

I have learned to trust and hope that everything has its moment and it is called Divine Time, the secret is not to surrender!

I do not give up and Chic Boutique is the result of one of those dreams that became reality and that together with my partner and friend Mary Dugarte today is possible.

My favorite phrase is: If your heart dreams of it, it is because it already belongs to you!

Thank you

I love you all very Chic


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