Mary's Life Story

Venezuelan by birth, I grew up in a middle-class family, I was raised with love and security next to my parents and my two sisters. I studied at a Catholic school and went to university where I graduated with a Bachelor of Industrial Relations.

I worked in different companies in which I gained good experience. I have always been an enterprising, dreamy, and hard-working woman. From my teen years, I liked to sell clothes, gym clothes, bathing suits and garments, the contact with people definitely enchanted me.

When I got married and had my family, I spent time with my children but always stayed in the sales business. For a time, a goldsmith in my city would make gold and silver garments for me that we designed together and I would sell them.

In 2000 I moved to the USA due to my husband's work and because my country was beginning to take unexpected turns. I went to Miami, Florida and my first jobs were in sales. Then in 2006, I moved to Rock Hill, SC, the first thing I wanted was to work with people because I wanted to learn English and I practiced it as a waitress in a Cuban-American restaurant.

Then I started my business in which I have worked for 11 years. Now my children are grown up, my daughter is in her last semester of college and my son is in his last year of High School. So I can do other things in my free time and I would love a business that generates extra income and at the same time that I enjoy it. Always as a child in my house, they told me how agile I was in business and dealing with people because I had many friends. My dream as a young girl was to have a jewelry store because I have always liked jewerly.

During the month of May of this year I talked one day with Maitee, she told me about her idea of ​​setting up an online boutique and I loved the idea, we shared our expectations and goals and the two of us agreed on many points, then we visualized a plan and goals that I can say with great joy are being achieved. We have worked together and hand in hand with a friend who has given us a lot of support in the technical part and carefully with little capital we have started our online Boutique.

We have a lot to learn and develop but it is exciting to see each step achieved so far.

Welcome to Chic Boutique, I hope you enjoy our store as much as we do and get beautiful pieces for your closet.

Thanks in advance for reading a little bit of my life in these lines.

I love you all very chic.

Mary 💖

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